For many adventurous driving enthusiasts, finding a good trail, landmark or natural path to get excited about is not too much hassle. Indeed, in countries such as the United States, a lot of these are easily accessible via roadway. However, to truly feel the thrill of an off-road adventure, it is imperative to go a little further out into the wild.

Razi Salih

Make no mistake: going off-road is a charming proposition that few can resist. However, it does not come naturally to many drivers, which is why having good knowledge and practice can help. As Razi Salih – who loves driving in nature and was a member of Jeep riding groups – knows, there are some elements of the off-road experience that drivers need to keep in mind as they prepare.

Navigating Lateral Inclines

Whether traversing a man-made course or a wild trail, off-road drivers are highly likely to encounter lateral incline obstacles. Approaching such obstacles incorrectly can cause an off-road vehicle to tip over, which is something no driver wants to happen in the middle of a drive. Therefore, the first rule when tackling such an obstacle is to approach at low speed.

It is important to keep a steady foot on the gas and slowly but constantly accelerate. As the vehicle climbs the incline its lower edge should sit between the car’s front wheels, and remember not to steer toward the upward side of the incline to avoid the risk of rolling.

Making the Most of Traction Control

Most modern off-road vehicles have some form of traction control system built into them. At its most basic this system could be an on/off switch, or alternatively it could be a system of multiple configurations made to control aspects such as power distribution to the wheels, braking, and throttle mapping. If your vehicle has an on/off switch, the best option is to keep it off when off-roading, which eliminates the possibility of automatic braking at the first sign of traction loss. If the vehicle comes equipped with multiple configurations, it is best to learn how to use them in various conditions.

Off-Roading in the Snow

Driving in the snow is an attractive proposition, but it requires the vehicle to have the right tires, the right off-road gear and a helping hand. It helps if the vehicle has a Snow mode or something similar, which can provide the required control to navigate the slippery terrain.