XE Prime Ventures – A Market Leader

XE Prime Ventures is a market leader in next-generation B2B and B2C multi-channel trading software, services and systems.

Company Vision

XE Prime Ventures aspires to establish itself as the world’s leading B2C and B2B liquidity and financial trading technology provider, adding significant value to its retail brokers and licensees with its best-performing products. The company considers itself as ‘the home for traders’, providing them with valuable tools, capabilities and insights through its innovative products, and by enabling growth that is sustainable in a regulatory environment that is constantly evolving.

Company Strengths

XE Prime Ventures has the most advanced proprietary back office, CRM and front-end trading capabilities, along with data-driven front-end and back-office trading platforms designed to improve cost efficiency, conversions and performance metrics. It has the balance sheet strength and brand stability to cope with market volatility and handle trading flow, while keeping client funds safe at all times. These qualities have also opened up significant risk share and liquidity opportunities.

Company Mission

As a large international company, XE Prime Ventures strives to maintain an effective and strong relationship with its clients and employees while moving towards a better future. The company is determined to deliver first-class, innovative solutions that increase the personal competency of its employees and support the business development of its clients.
The company’s B2C offering is an established, fast growing online CFD broker service for retail investors worldwide, facilitating the secure and rapid trade of currency, commodities, shares and indices CFDs. Its cutting-edge trading platforms can be used on any device, with no fees and zero commission to be paid.
The company’s B2B offering enables its proprietary trading platform, back-office system, business intelligence systems and CRM software to be licenced by retail brokers. They can also use the company’s exclusive liquidity technology, which provides prime brokerage services, multi-asset execution, risk management tools and liquidity.