Razi Salih is an entrepreneur and businessman who currently holds three directorships

Educated at Ariel University, Salih graduated with a BA in Finance and Business, having majored in Business Management with a minor in Finance.

Salih’s early career focused on the financial services industry, where he undertook a range of roles. Salih worked at IDI Ventures starting in 2008, before moving on to become a Sales Executive and Media Director during 2009. At the end of 2009, Salih became Regional Manager at Finexo Global Investments (he also fulfilled the role of Business Development and IB Manager during his time at the company).

In 2011, Salih became Vice President (Marketing) at Marketing Expert, a role that focused on marketing, advertising and buying leading global media sites. As VP, Salih was responsible for marketing online products across numerous markets and in many languages, including countries in the Gulf states and Europe. In this role Salih led negotiations, closed deals and managed many campaigns, specialising in the following areas: online marketing, SEO, SEM, social media marketing and email campaigns.

Marketing Expert
Salih is co-founder of XE Prime Ventures Ltd

Salih is co-founder of XE Prime Ventures Ltd, which was established in Cyprus in August 2017 with the aim of becoming an industry leader. Salih is responsible for the company’s strategic direction; he implements the long-term business plan and finds and acts upon opportunities for growth, while also carefully monitoring the company’s financial performance.

XE Prime Ventures is a market leader in next-generation B2B and B2C multi-channel trading systems, services and software. The company has a strong vision, aspiring to offer the best-performing products in the market and add significant value to its retail brokers and licensees. In an ever-evolving regulatory environment, XE Prime Ventures provides traders with valuable tools, insights and capabilities by enabling product innovation and sustainable growth.

Salih also holds two other directorships. He is Director of All New Investments Ltd, which was established in early 2019, as well as being Director of Paytick UAB.

All New Investments Ltd provides online trading platforms that can meet all of the necessary requirements for trading sessions to be completed with ease. It is managed by a team of professionals with an in-depth knowledge of financial risk management, trading and online businesses. Engaging state-of-the-art trading and back office technologies, All New Investments Ltd enables any type of investor to have an outstanding experience while interacting with the company.

Outside of his professional interests, Salih is a keen sportsman who enjoys a range of extreme sports, as well as swimming and football. As a fan of high-risk activities, Salih takes part in sky diving, freestyle motorcycling and snowboarding, as well as driving a Jeep across some of the most challenging terrains in the world. Salih also enjoys reading in his spare time, particularly business-related books by authors such as Robers Kiosaki and Joseph R Dominguez.

Salih speaks both English and Arabic, and he greatly enjoys cooking and eating food from Turkey and across the Middle East.