Off-road driving is an activity that can take place almost anywhere in the world. Any area with exciting or unusual terrain can be a great place for off-roading. The short video attachment provides a definition of off-road driving.

Razi Salih is an extreme sports enthusiast and regularly goes off-roading, driving a Jeep through some of the most challenging terrains in nature. Once the local landscape has been thoroughly explored, it may be time to head off to more exotic locations to find some new off-road adventures.


Morocco in North Africa may only be a small country, but it has a variety of landscapes and terrains to be explored, ranging from mountains to desert and everything in between. Valleys, dunes, salt marshes, plateaus and green plains can all be found in Morocco, ideal for putting an off-road vehicle through it paces. Driving in the desert is a unique experience that requires different handling to most other terrains, such as staying in 4-wheel drive and taking things more slowly than usual. Not only does this create opportunities for practicing different styles of driving, it ensures that the spectacular scenery can be experienced along with the drive.


California offers countless opportunities for thrilling off-road experiences, including the Rubicon Trail, Valley of the Moons and the Pinyon Mountain Trail. The Rubicon Trail is 22 miles long and recognised as one of the toughest off-road trails in the world, full of rock faces and boulders to navigate. The Valley of the Moons is a dry desert trail featuring a granite slide and multiple boulders. The Pinyon Mountain Trail has a number of highly challenging obstacles to overcome, including one known as the Squeeze. As the name suggests, the Squeeze is a passage between rock formations just large enough to get a 4×4 vehicle through. Heart Attack Hill is also located here, with paralyzingly steep slopes that at times are almost vertical. This trail is not one to attempt alone as the chances of needing towing or rescuing are high.

The embedded PDF provides an overview or the basic equipment that is required for a safer off-roading experience.


Colorado offers a different landscape to the desert trails, full of lush green vegetation in the form of pine forests, waterfalls, and snowcapped mountains. The Alpine Loop Trail offers around 65 miles of off-roading possibilities through various landscapes, with a series of challenging roads that were originally created as firebreaks above and through the timberline. The scenery and the length of the trail means it makes sense to go equipped to camp overnight to ensure every aspect of the trail can be explored.


Transylvania in Romania may be best known for being home to the fictional vampire Count Dracula, but the area has much to offer the committed off-roader as well. The road systems are largely unmodernised and basic, creating unique challenges within the Bucegi mountains. Traversing the difficult Transfagarasan Road requires nerves of steel to navigate the steep slopes and hairpin bends, while also allowing for a glimpse of Poenari Castle, home to the late Vlad Tepes who is said to have inspired the tale of Dracula. This route is combines challenging obstacles and stunning scenery, including a natural glacier and man-made reservoir, one of the world’s first ice hotels, and the daunting Black Bear Pass.

In the infographic attachment you can view some of the top makes and models for off-road vehicles as judged by Autocar.