Real estate has long been viewed as a reliable long-term investment option for investors. Profits vary according to a property’s location, so the question among some has been whether to invest in an apartment in a city like London, for example, or purchase a holiday villa in a sea resort in Spain. Certainly, the European real estate scene has a lot to offer, especially to investors keen to ride the bullish optimism that market observers have about the continent’s property markets.

Razi Salih, a businessman with real estate interests in various countries across northern Europe, is among many who are excited by the growth prospects of Europe’s cities in 2020.

Naples, Italy

Naples is a popular holiday destination, and with property sales rising by 15 percent in 2019, it seems more people are opting to set permanent roots there. Located just an hour’s train ride away from Rome and boasting a warm climate, Naples is steadily becoming an attractive location. It’s a testament to the city’s renewed prospects and turnaround of fortune; historically, it has often been overlooked for its more popular northern counterpart cities.

Megève, France

Megève has gained popularity in recent years, thanks to the publicity of hosting a Tour de France stage and also from its identity as a ski resort within the Mont Blanc mountain range. From freestanding cottages to chalet-style condos, investors have various options to consider. European investors make up a good number of those who purchase property in this region, and it doesn’t hurt the city’s image that one of the world’s foremost luxury hotel brands – Four Seasons – has a presence there.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The port city of Rotterdam, located an hour away from Amsterdam, bustles with activity that makes it an attractive property hotspot. Property demand in the city has been growing at a fast rate, making it one with the potential for good returns. Rotterdam happens to have the continent’s largest port, and being the second largest Dutch city, offers good real estate options for those who feel the capital might be pricier.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has been touted as one of the more affordable cities in Western Europe, thanks to the availability of inexpensive properties. The mild climate, European lifestyle, seaside location and hospitality set the city apart from others, making it a perfect spot to invest in. For some investors, Lisbon’s relatively low cost of living might be a reason to consider making the city a second home.